Monday, October 10, 2005

Browser Share IE Up Firefox Down

Browser Share IE Up Firefox Down: "David Utter
Staff Writer | 2005-10-10

The analytics firm NetApplications has released its September 2005 numbers, and Firefox has declined in share for the second time this year.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer edged up just a tiny bit in September, while the Mac-only Safari browser and the newest Netscape product had small gains as well. The big news is Firefox has dropped in share.

It had been thought that summer vacations, where people spent time away from their computers, contributed to Firefox's July decline as its share nudged up slightly in August.

Now that more computers have come online as students head back to school, it looks like those new Dell and Apple users have stuck with their system default browsers instead of grabbing a copy of Firefox.

Firefox dropped from 8.27 percent to 7.55 percent share, while IE gained 0.55 to 86.87 percent. Safari edged to 2.39 from 2.20 percent and Netscape ticked up a bit to 2.16 from 2.02 percent itself.

Opera dropped a bit from 0.62 percent to 0.51. That company's excellent free ad-supported browser has been supplanted with an ad-free version, thanks to deal with Google, Amazon, and eBay for prime placement within the browser's search functions. "


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