Monday, September 05, 2005

School's Starting... Hooray?

If I may (as if you have any choice in the matter), I apologize for going so long without writing an original article. I got lazy and such with my obsession with Photoshop and Star Trek; deadly combination that is. I'll try to post more here, just hang in there!

So, school's started. First day of High School. Sure, I'm excited [?] now about the big High School but soon enough I'll become as jaded and resentful toward it as I was toward Jack Young Middle Prison. Loathsome place it was; I feel sorry for my little sister as she's just begun the hellish odyssey of that place. But enough of my ranting as I'm sure you neither have the time nor the inclination to care.

Now, back to me. I have to say that HS really wasn't all that different from the prison. Take the analogy that elementary schools are like maximum security prisons: you can't leave, you're constantly supervised by at least two adults, and it's completely unruly. Then you have the middle schools, the medium security prisons: You can leave if you have special permission, most of the time you're watched, and it's completely unruly. Then there's high school, the minimum security prison: you can leave during lunch, you have more liberties, more activities, and it's terribly unruly.

I really don't have much more analysis to discuss with myself as I've only been there for two days. So... see ya lata!


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