Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Xbox 360 pricing revealed: $299 and $399 models due at launch - News at GameSpot

Xbox 360 pricing revealed: $299 and $399 models due at launch - News at GameSpot: "The 360 gets two spins: the $299 'Core System' and the $399 fully loaded package with 20GB hard drive, wireless controller, headset, HD cables, and remote control.

As the Big Three (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo) planned their business tactics for the next-generation console wars, none have been willing to divulge their strategies, lest competitors get the scoop. All that was left was for industry media, fans, and analysts to speculate on what would be of the new consoles.

In its quest to get the console out in time for the holiday season, Microsoft hasn't exactly kept the shutters drawn on its secrets regarding its next-gen contribution: the Xbox 360. Pictures of the console surfaced before its debut on MTV, its name was exposed before the company could spin it itself, and the prospect of standard wireless controllers came with no strings attached.

Today, Microsoft laid down new facts about its upcoming console at the Games Convention in Leipzig, and they sounded awfully familiar to analyst predictions and forum posters' speculations.

Microsoft announced that the Xbox 360 will be released in two SKUs, the 'Xbox 360 Core System' and the 'Xbox 360.' The two products will be sold at $299 and $399, respectively. The two systems break down as follows:

Xbox 360 Core System - $299 (299 Euros, 209 GBP)
•Xbox 360 console
•Wired controller
•Detachable faceplate
•Xbox Live Silver membership
•Standard AV cables

Xbox 360 - $399 (399 Euros, 279 GBP)
•Xbox 360 console
•20GB detachable hard drive
•Wireless controller
•Wireless Xbox Live headset
•High-definition AV cables
•Ethernet cable
•Xbox 360 Media Remote Control (limited time)
•Detachable faceplate
•Xbox Live Silver membership

Peter Moore, Xbox corporate vice president of worldwide marketing and publishing, who spoke with GameSpot, reiterated that the Xbox 360 is still on schedule to launch simultaneousl"


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