Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Korea Times : Science Fiction Becomes Reality With New Holograph Machine

The Korea Times : Science Fiction Becomes Reality With New Holograph Machine: " Science Fiction Becomes Reality With New Holograph Machine

By Peter Stephenson
Contributing Writer

The Heliodisplay machine can make a holograph image in the air from almost any video source.

The idea of a real holograph, a free-floating video image suspended in mid-air, has always been the stuff of science fiction. Usually not the near future kind, either. Movies that depict the use of holographs tend to be set centuries into the future.

Scientific breakthroughs have a way of sneaking up on us though _ and pouncing when we least expect it.

That may describe the way you feel should you visit IO2’s Web site ( and take a look at the videos showcasing their ``Heliodisplay.’’

Developed by Chad Dyner at IO2, the surprisingly compact Heliodisplay, which is about the size of an average PC case laid on its side (and only a bit noisier), is said to intake air, ``alter’’ it, then expel it and use lasers to project the image onto the ``still invisible’’ conditioned air.

For obvious reasons, IO2 isn’t revealing how it modifies the air, but say that its perfectly safe. The machine could run all day in a sealed room and the air would still be breathable. Some have speculated that the secret may lie in ionization.

The Heliodisplay image is actually just as 2D as the ones on any TV or computer screen, which appear 3D through use of animation. Amazingly, the machine can take input from just about any video source, such as TV, DVD or even video game systems can be interfaced to view the image in free space.

What’s more surprising is the cost of the early production models. Units capable of levitating a 55centimeter image can be had for $18,600. Considering that DVD players were ten times their current price just a few years ago, this begs the question of how long it will be before holographic projectors are a common home or office fixtur"



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