Monday, June 06, 2005

A Year In Hind-Sight

Ahh... the school year is almost over. There's so much to talk about that's happened over the course of the year. There were so many changes; so much growth (in more ways than one!)

I suppose I should start at the beginning, because that is where the year starts. How hopeful and optimistic I was, as in contrast to the present where I’m jaded and cynical. I’d been placed in algebra (the more advanced math course). Oh, what an epic that one class would become (more on that later.) I was also top dog in the school now; all of the brand-new sixth graders were awe-struck by any eighth grader’s presence. I had confidently sashayed into the commons to attain my new schedule and locker info. Of course, the first days are always blissful, it’s when the grind sets that it becomes a chore.

A summary of the year is on the way!!! Well, probably not...


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