Monday, February 21, 2005

A List of Grievances: Part Two: "Lunchroom Lockdown"

Many an 8th grader at BMS will testify to the discontent which was incited by this administration's unreasonable behavior. Most of these people are reasonable enough to tolerate most of what they are required to. But one particular event turned most against those in power; the so-called "Lunchroom Lockdown."
A "Lunchroom Lockdown" is where certain privileges are taken away. Such as a la carte and the choice to stay inside during lunch. These blanket punishments were once rarely used, but now seem to have become more popular as one Mr. Shoemaker has entered office as the associate principle of Baraboo Middle School.

These blanket punishments are now quite common as a result of Mr. Shoemaker’s more authoritarian doctrine being imposed. We, as a people, are more oppressed than ever, both in behavior and in speech.

Not only are these blanket punishments completely ineffective and at times completely arbitrary, but they also create discontent among those that are absolutely innocent of any wrong doing. Would this kind of discipline stand in the real world?

All we ask for is common sense. Perhaps instead of punishing all of those in a group, root out the trouble-makers. This not only eliminates those that are unruly, but also keeps the public content with the leadership.


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