Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A List of Grievances: Part Three: An Authoritarian Doctrine

Most people would agree that an open society facilitates the least duress among its citizens. They would also agree that totalitarian administrations tend to collapse on themselves. Obviously, an open society more stable and efficient, though some would usurp this doctrine with a doctrine of more authoritarian basis. A doctrine in which those that speak in public of discontent with a leader are promptly silenced. A doctrine in which the public has no say in those decisions that are most imperative to them. This is how BMS is governed.

In an intellectually desolate period in its history, one Mr. Shoemaker has imposed such a doctrine of laws and punishment upon this establishment. A certain openness that we possessed before has now transformed into one of widespread tension and discontent. One must question if such a change is required to maintain law and order. Perhaps one must also question if this mood is even required.


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Mason now has a blog.

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I'd appreciate it if you kept your comments relevant to the post. If it's off topic, you can email me.

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Oh, sorry<;(

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It's okay, you can visit my forum to talk about Mason's blog.

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