Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A List of Grievances: Part One: Preface

Today I will start a new series of entries pertaining to the grievances of the general school administration; namely discipline of the Eighth Grade as a whole. The main grievances that have accumulated over the course of this year have become abundant enough as to force me (and anonymous others) to start a series dedicated to the documentation of these grievances. Though, I do not completely exempt ourselves from fault in this situation. In fact, we are as much a part of this problem as the administration is.

These entries will not be composed entirely of grievances, though. But also suggestions for the improvement of the administration’s handling of such matters. There wouldn’t be much point in just complaining without telling them how to improve. You must remember, though, that the intention of these articles is to improve the situation, both for those who govern and are governed.


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